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LGBT rights in 11 maps, Everything you need to know about

Did you realize that Brazil was the first state to ditch conversion treatment?   That is only a small number of cases of the info which you may locate on Equaldex, a collaborative LGBT rights site found in 2014.  The crowdsourced job works much as an LGBT Wikipedia.  Everyone can combine, edit and edit information.

Other users are invited to authenticate the truth of every upgrade and the data becomes confirmed as site utilization rises. The website is now monitoring over 1,932 laws across the world, but info may frequently be scarce, hard to confirm, or self-evident perplexing.  Take, by way of instance, the current Court of Appeals decision in Lebanon that enabled a transgender person to change his lawful standing to man.

The Equaldex maps are especially useful as they're continuously updated.  Which, together with the speed of change in regards to LGBT rights, is vital.  Last year found an wonderful acceleration of LGBT rights across the world, but also meant that info maps printed just months before were immediately out of date.  Countries like Ireland, by way of instance, have passed a lot of laws to enhance the lives of LGBT individuals, something not mirrored on many available graphs.Where's homosexuality still prohibited?

Where's homosexuality still prohibited?

In India, the Supreme Court recently said it will examine the nation's legislation on homosexuality.

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